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Re: LED studio lighting

YD wrote:

With the advent of more powerful LEDs it's clear that strobes are dead. It's just a matter of time before LED kits replace them. I have been looking for an LED monolight or pack and head kit for a couple of years, but nothing out there made sense. Then I read about Facebook using LED lighting in their data centers and decided to investigate.

I have been using this system for several months and it's incredible. I have complete control over all heads in the system from my web browser. I can use scenes to configure light settings for each head and bring them up by clicking on a button. I wish I had selected different fixtures as the ones I'm using have a slight greenish cast to them, but my workflow compensates for that. My next purchase will be some high CRI fixtures that should resolve that problem at the source.

Sell your strobe packs people. They are going to be obsolete very soon.


Nothing out there now compares with the ability of strobes to pump a massive amount of (full-spectrum) light onto a scene in a tiny fraction of a second. LED lights solve the heat problem of incandescent lights, but they still can't deliver a fraction of the light that a strobe can in 1/500 of a second or less.

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