PhotoPlus Expo: GH3 and O-MD are the highlights

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Re: PhotoPlus Expo: GH3 and O-MD are the highlights

Maverick_ wrote:

I spent a few hours on Thursday at the NY's PhotoPlus Expo. I checked out the whole show and saw every booth more or less. The two cameras that popped for me where the Panasonic GH3 and the Olympus O-MD.

I went to this expo primarily to check out the GH3 and I took my GH1 with me. My GH1, although works great and is in like-new condition, wouldn't mind a companion camera of better image quality.

Frankly, I simply dislike the image quality of the GH1. I think it's just a notch better than a point of shoot. In the past few months I have come to terms with it though, by relying even more on PP. You can say, "How to learned to stop worrying and like the GH1+PP"

Here's a latest image from my GH1.

BMW K1300S shot with GH1 and 14-140 lens.

To my surprise the GH3 was only a bit larger than the GH1. Putting them side by side the size difference was negligible. Just playing with the GH3, I didn't get a sense that this was a camera that I want. I mean, it's just a very unexciting camera. And looks basically, more or less similar to my GH1. However, I know the image quality is much better, and so is the overall video quality. Both are good points. But looks like a relatively cheap camera, specially for $1300. In comparison, pick up a Nikon 600D and that's a camera. Amazing view finder, by the way. Of course the Canon 5D III is right up there.

I took a few minutes comparing the screens and although both have 3" the OLED on the GH3 is generations better. The EVF on the GH3 is miles better than my GH1, it is incredibly smooth, but I almost never use the view finder. I am always either shooting below or above eye level. I almost never shoot at eye level.

So, I left the booth somewhat disappointed, specially since the GH3 body only is at $1300. Then I remembered that they didn't have a battery grip on display and I definitely wanted to try the GH3 with the grip. So I went back and they let me use one from the behind counter. Sort of like to-show-on-demand only. (That was so weird, since the purpose of these shows is to sell the public on new cameras, why hide such an important option.).

As soon as the grip went on the GH3, its feel and my overall impressions jumped quite a few notches. The GH3 with the grip feels great. It brings a pro feel to the camera that IMO is missing on the 2 and the 1. Also the grip only adds about 1" or so to the height, it's not that much of a increase in size. I would add a GH3 to the line up, just to get that awesome grip. Of course, plus better image quality, amazing screens and faster frame rates.

Toward the end of my visit, I stopped by the Olympus and briefly played with a O-MD without the grip. I found it just too small. So, one of the guys behind the counter told me to go to another section where they have the O-MD with the grip. To be honest I had been a bit uninformed about this camera. As a GH1 user, I don't pay too much attention on what Oly is doing.

The O-MD was simply the highlight of my visit to the show. What an accomplishment! 9 frames per second, great LCD, and equally good EVF. The kit 12-50 is a marvel. When on video mode the focus ring moves smooth and electronically, when in photo it moves normal. I spent about 20 minutes playing with it and chatting it up with the Oly guy and a couple of other attendees who had come to see this camera.

And it's priced right. About $1300 with the kit lens.

I would get the O-MD, except for my use, I think the GH3 with the grip would be a better option. It's larger, feel more pro and I know it has better video and equally good stills. But the O-MD should get the camera of the year award.

Cheers, S

I stumbled onto the O-MD at PhotoPlus Expo by accident, asking about Olympus cameras on behalf of a coworker. One of the salesman pointed me in it's direction and I was impressed with it. I'm starting to count how much I can reclaim by my DSLR and related gear sales; put it into this system, then bank the rest.

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