Is Museo Artistry Canvas a good choice for a Pixma Pro9500 MKII?

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Re: Is Museo Artistry Canvas a good choice for a Pixma Pro9500 MKII?

Ernie, check out Breathing Color, their Lyve and Crystalline (+others). Available in sheet and roll. Excellent product. Get adventurous and order some sample rolls (paper & canvas).

I highly recommend the Colormunki! Profiles your monitor and ink-paper combos with the same device. I initially purchased a Spyder setup ~'04-'05, monitor device was OK, ink-paper profiler yielded a YLW cast on my s9000 and later on my i9900. When my new computer ran Win7, my Spyders were blocked out--and Datacolor refused to write a software patch permitting me to use my costly Spyders. I later used a Spyder3 Print on a newly acquired Pixma Pro 9000 MKII, same YLW cast matching my previous test chart prints.

After the Colormunki release I purchased one and have never looked back, re-ran my Canon 9xxx ink-paper profiles--AOK!  My purchase of an Epson 3880 and its profiling with the 'Munki using the OEM and later 3rd party inks and various papers were equally fine. If you search my posts on this site you will how to achieve your ink-paper profiles on 1/2 letter sheet rather than 2 letter sheets.

Enjoy your 9500, don't forget to run occasional nozzle checks and/or color bar prints to prevent clogging.

irv weiner

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