Would you bring macro equipment on a hiking trip?

Started Oct 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Would you bring macro equipment on a hiking trip?

redryder wrote:

Hi guys,

I'm going for 3 days hiking in beautiful New Zealand next week. I'm torn as to whether to bring my Tamron 90mm and focusing rail along. I love taking macros but I want to minimize weight.

The rational part of me is saying just focus on landscapes, you can take macros back at home. But what if I see a nice flower or an exotic bug while tramping through the forest? I'm bringing a tripod anyway so the weight I'm saving is basically the Tamron 90mm, and the F-mount to E-mount adapter. On the other hand, besides saving weight, macro shooting also takes up a lot of time so I could cover more ground and see more if I didn't keep stopping to take macros.

What do you think?

Take the macro lens , you can shoot both landscapes and macros with the macro lens, to save weight you can leave the focus rails since you arent sure you will do any serious macro stuff. If an opportunity arises you can shoot macro hand held provided you either use your tripod or better still shoot hand held using fast shutter speeds. Macro shooting doesnt have to necessarily take a long time if do it hand held, and you are disciplined about what you want to shoot without getting too distracted and also if you dont want to take multiple shots for focus stacking......

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