Sony RX100 vs Nikon D7000...AF.

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Re: Sony RX100 vs Nikon D7000...AF.

jonrobertp wrote:

Just shot about 2k images in Cuba with the RX100...and my keeper rate regards to AF the best it's ever been. Better than my Nikon D7000 in low light for sure, and also my Canon SLR. It seems.

Keeper rate, as in percentage of photos, it better be since it uses CDAF.

And so nice and small too.

It does look nice!

When they make the successor, with maybe a bit faster lens at the long end, and/or a bit less noise at 32-6400, I'l get that one too, I guess.

SLRs have their place, not selling mine, but the RX100 did me better overall than the SLR in previous trips. Most shots in low light, with moving ppl. (often 3200 iso req'd).

That´s what is most important! And happy shooting with the new camera...

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