The changing tide towards Mirrorless?

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Re: The SLR will go the way the TLR went

Anders W wrote:

OK. Time to summarize. Lee Jay thinks that EVFs have only one advantage: focus magnification. In other respects, he thinks they have only disadvantages, the most important of which being lag.

My conclusion, based on using a state-of-the-art EVF system (E-M5) that he hasn't tried are the following:

  • The lag is no longer of much importance (except, possibly, for Lee Jay's unknown "projects")
  • Magnification is an advantage not only for setting focus with MF but also for judging DoF
  • The brightness in low light helps both for proper framing and for catching the proper moment
  • An EVF is 100 percent accurate for framing; most OVFs aren't
  • An EVF allows us to get 100 percent correct framing after lens distortion correction; OVFs don't
  • An EVF allows overlay of all sort of useful information; the most important to me is information on when and where the highlights are clipping; "focus peaking" is another interesting application for those who use MF lenses

In this case as in others, the true WYSIWYG solution will of course win out once it gets good enough (as it already is).

P.S. The non-TTL OVF (popularly known as the range-finder) died about 50 years ago. The TTL OVF (popularly known as the SLR) is in the process of dying now. In both cases, the corpse stays around for a while, haunting its home grounds. That shouldn't prevent us from seeing that it is dead.

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