Opinions on bokeh in this image?

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Re: Opinions on bokeh in this image?

Schwany wrote:

That's a tough background. If you got closer to the focused subject, the bokeh could/should be less busy. During your testing, did you try this same shot from the same distance to subject using 70mm to see if it smoothed out any? Did you sharpen the entire image, because that will exacerbate the busy bokeh?

Anyway, I get busy bokeh from lenses I would not expect it from regardless of how well regarded they are or how much they cost. Especially if the background actually is busy to begin with. I do not own that lens. I am just saying busy bokeh happens.

I didn't notice it until I got home so I couldn't really experiment. Showed up in the few f2.8 pics I took today and the I revisited some from last weekend that were not as trouble prone as today's but still showed busy bokeh. It seems like it's worse at middle focal lengths though, 40-50mm.

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