Throw me a bone Part II

Started Oct 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
kapanak Regular Member • Posts: 221
Re: Throw me a bone Part II

I think you know your photography concepts. You know how to expose, compose and how to work your camera and lenses. You also happen to know your post processing to a certain extent.

What you need to do is experiment, and really, nobody can give you a magical advice on this other than yourself. You need to find that perspective which makes an image interesting. For example, in the above images, the first bunch might have actually looked nicer with a wider lens from a low perspective, while the sports shots afterwards would have highly benefited from a long reach lens (telephoto lens like you used for the first set of photos) to close in on the action, and cut out the unnecessary, idle parts of the image. Cropping can do that to a certain degree, but nothing like a proper telephoto lens to do the job while photography sports.

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