Upgraded to GH2 from GH1 - some questions

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Re: Upgraded to GH2 from GH1 - some questions

amipal wrote:

Bought the GH2 today at Park Cameras as a replacement for my sterling GH1 - she's been great over the years, but I wanted a bit more dynamic range and fast focussing. Anyway, I've been looking through the manual and settings, and have some questions which I hope you can answer/contribute to:

1. What does I.Resolution do? The manual isn't very specific.

2. Is Long Shtr NR beneficial? I'd have thought most noise could be dealt with in PP.

3. Is it better to save to sRGB or Adobe RGB? Apparently the latter has more colourspace available - would this be visible/usable in LR4?

Thanks for any assistance.

Agree with Jalywol but if you are shooting raw files (you mentioned LR which suggests you are) the colour space you set in the camera doesn't matter. You can choose the appropriate one for the output you want to produce within the software.


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