Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: Is Canon out of touch ?

sixgun wrote:

I am a shooting professional, we switched to Canon gear a decade or more ago - mainly for the fast AF and better lens lineup - and for the most part we have been happy with that decision however the past two years it is apparent to me that Canon is not listening to its pro customer base "AT ALL".

We are severely disappointed with the Canon 5D Mark II / III cameras. Image quality is good but Canon has nearly completely crippled the custom functions on this body. A good part of the user base for the 5D series is event and wedding photography - and one of the most useful features of any body for this type of shooting is 2nd curtain sync.

Canon removed it on the 5D / 7D series. WHY ? Even the cheapest Nikons can do this.

When I submitted a letter to Canon asking why I got a completely stupid and out of touch reply - pretty much a canned response that you get from a big company full of drones who cannot think for themselves.

There are other things that Canon has done that defies common sense and basic intelligence. To me, Canon is drifting into prosumer and amateur land while Nikon is still actively supporting pros.
Sadly, we have a large investment in Canon gear, but I do not see them keeping up with Nikon at the higher end and their attitude toward pro customer service is taking a nosedive.

On the other side, we rented a D800 this past weekend. It is every bit as good as the 5DIII, it costs less AND it has 2nd Curtain Sync.

I think Canon is out of touch with pro shooters - what about the rest of you ?

Mark, I am very sorry to say, but I think ou might be as out of touch as Canon is. You have written a very long paragraph, but I understand that the only problem you have is the second curtain. How is Canon out of touch?

i think that Mkiii is a better body than D800. D6 is losing to D600, I agree. Prices went up, but at this stage I do not think that Canon lost it to Nikon. Nikon has the 14-24 lens that most landscape photographers would love to get, but other lenses...I think Canon is better overall.

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