Sigma or Canon lens?

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Re: Sigma or Canon lens?

cononfodder wrote:

Sigma lenses are great performers, however in the past they did not pay royalties and reverse engineered the firmware. I have had Sigma lenses that were not usable when I changed to digital. One had to be upgraded at my cost. That being said, do you ever plan to go to a full frame camera? If the answer is yes then I could not see sinking over a grand into a lens that would not be forwardly compatible. I do use one of my EFs lenses on my 5D MKll you just have to observe some cautions and expect vignetting and light fall off. Do you really need full apature? This lens is eq to a 27-88, do you need wide? The 10-22mm is fantastic costs less and can be used full lframe. Just some food for thought. It also would be helpful if you could share what you intend to shoot. 73 Jerry

How do you use an EF-S lens on the 5D MkII?  I thought they are incompatible (ie. shutter hitting lens).

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