Said Good Bye to my Canon 5D MK II today.

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Not a good price, but convenience costs.

Chris_in_Osaka wrote:

I got ¥165,000, or a little over $2000 for the kit lens, body and 430 II flash, very fair considering they still have to make some profit, and very welcome considering I don' t need the hassle of finding a buyer myself.

Like with most camera shops, the price you got is very low.  Consider that if you had sold just the 25-105 L on Ebay, you would have gotten no less than $800, and quite possibly more for it.  All you needed to do was photograph the lens, and pop it on Ebay.  There are tons of sellers from Japan on Ebay USA and they get top dollar for their gear.

To put it in perspective, I sold my 5D II/ 24-105 L kit (to buy my D800) Ebay and got $2850.  I purchased it new from B&H for $3299, if I remember correctly.

Selling to the camera shop is definitely convenient and I have sold a few things to B&H.  But now I almost always just use Ebay. For lenses you can almost always get full value.  For bodies, you usually take a hit of a couple of hundred.  Nobody is going to pay new prices on a used body without a warranty when they can but it new with a warranty.

Anyway, in the future if you have gear, just list it on Ebay or use DPR Classified which gets way less pageviews, but has the added benefit of not requiring a sellers fee.

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