Said Good Bye to my Canon 5D MK II today.

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Re: Ouch...I would have never done it but...enjoy.

marike6 wrote:

Chris_in_Osaka wrote:

Then came the O-MD and renewed faith in Olympus. I hadn't touched the 5D Mark II since I got my hands on the OM-D on morning of the release day in Japan. Over the months I've slowly sold off my FF gear (50mm f1.4, 100mm f2, 70-200mm f4, Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 etc.) until all that remained was the body, 24-105mm kit lens, and flash...all sitting unused and depreciating in value.

I guess if you were not using your 5D Mk II or using it to it's full potential then selling it made sense. But those all all very good lenses, capable of remarkable images, and I'd never dump a 5D II in a million years (or unless the replacement said D600 on it).

I toyed with the idea of getting rid of the 24-105 and picking up the 50mm f1.2 but in the end, the OM-D beat out the Canon in just about every way except, most obviously, the potential for more shallow DOF ( a crutch for many photographers if you ask me).

It sounds like you are changing gear expecting dramatically different results when in fact you already had wonderful equipment. If you didn't use your 50 1.4, an excellent lens, I'm not sure what the 50 1.2 would have given you since they are both sharp, but the $1500 50 1.2 is just a tiny bit faster.

As far as the OM-D beating the 5D II, it doesn't. I'm not sure when it was this forum convinced itself that the EM-5 was better in any way but size than a FF DSLR. Seriously, it's laughable. The EM-5 has only slightly better IQ than a GX1. I don't go around telling the world that my GX1 is better than my D800, or even my X-Pro1. It is not, and neither is the EM-5.

Not trying to rain on your justification for selling one of the best Canon cameras ever made, but it sounds like you weren't using your 5D II so you got a smaller camera more suited to the images you make.

Let's be clear, shallow DOF is not the only thing the 5D bests the EM-5 at. But the 5D II absolutely destroys the EM-5 is low-light, high ISO ability (something like 1820 ISO to 800 ISO if you go by DxOMark), has higher resolution and better colors, a more robust build, etc. It's just a better camera, a money maker, and one of the most popular portrait/wedding cameras in history capable of professional quality results.

For video, the 5D II is the camera that really started the whole HDSLR video production craze. Here too, the 5D II is a money maker, a mini-cinema camera that is being used by some of the most high end production companies.

I just happened to see this 5D II film short on Vimeo that has something like 28 K "Likes". It's borrows a lot from Toy Story, and the images (and the story) are beautiful and touching.

I love the images my 5DII helps me obtain, but the prices for lenses have gone wonky some time after 2010's disaster, too costly for an amateur like myself to afford or justify. I'm eyeing this thread after having seen the camera at Photoplus in New York this weekend.

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