Not even Adobe likes Olympus?

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Re: Not even Adobe likes Olympus?

Looking at the 2 child pictures I don't think its clear which is best. The noise free face has some appeal in the top image. But the bottom one shows way better detail in the trousers.

I can't imagine that lightroom wouldn't produce something similar with the a quick tug on the Luminance noise slider

But more importantly. What are you going to do with the pictures. I think all of those picture would like fine in the 8 by 10  annual photo book. Even the noisier cat.

i think the internet has led to noise fear. Lots of starrin at 100% crops. Fine if you sell images for huge prints. But I think that either image of your sun would be fine on the wall or in a reasonble size print to hand round. So what the problem

I use a Nikon D70s and Lightroom. I'd lik a bit more dynamic range but it doesn't effect many shots

How did i end up here. I, thinking of going micro fourthirds forum. Oops wrong forum

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