NX200 DR?

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Re: NX200 DR?

tecnoworld wrote:

wow, gorgeous, could you post the settings you used in lr or post a tutorial on how to get an hdr image from a single raw pic??


Thanks for the comment!

Well, with a hopeless exposure like that you first have to stop yourself from binning the file. 

Next of course you want to see how much can be saved. Hence both "Recovery" and "Fill Light" go up to 100. This kills contrast, which you redeem by pushing "Blacks" to 40. Then you realise that midtones are washed out and bring them in by pulling "Exposure" back to -1.15 stops. This brings all the tonalities into the range but the image looks flat. So you go into the "Tone Curve" and push "Lights" to +90.

This burns the sky back out again. You curse, take an "Adjustment Brush" and paint     -0.70 EV over the sky, which returns it to wonderful. Then you give the foreground a little bit more separation by running a -0.1 EV brush over it. And you finish it all off by pushing up "Vibrance" until your eyes just about water. Fait accompli.

The figures are of course specific to the shot. The best I can say is this: RAW files are very elastic. Just play until it looks right.

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