XF1 Arrives - very first thoughts

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Re: XF1 Arrives - very first thoughts

David Pen wrote:

Mark, thanks for this. I'd like to ask a few questions if you've time to deal with them. No problem if not.

How would you rate the AF in terms of speed and accuracy?

Hi David. Well, my experience with point and shoots is pretty limited - I guess my X100 is a point and shoot of sorts, and my previous P&S is a Canon 850 that is about 6 years old. All the rest of my shooting experience is with SLRs, and their focusing ability is something that, in the past, P&S focus systems couldn't touch.

So with that said, the XF1 focuses VERY VERY quickly. Much quicker than the X100 does, and it also focuses in more diverse lighting conditions. I was pointing the camera at dark, low contrast areas, at bright high contrast zones, up close, far away, and it was nailing focus almost every time, sometimes using the built in focus light but many times just doing fine on its own. It is not as fast or secure as a state of the art focusing system in an SLR, but it is at least on par with my wife's Olympus EPL-1 on focusing and much better than the X100.

Have you noticed any drop-off in either IQ or AF capabilities as the efl approaches 100mm?

I haven't really had a chance of testing this, and don't know if I will get to that level of testing; I'm doing two studio shoots this weekend and will be co-shooting some of the staging with the XF1 to put it through paces, but I don't know if I'll be able to set up tests to really check the 100mm spectrum of the camera this way.

Do you think the Intelligent Auto Zoom is capable of capturing any more detail than a crop of a shot without it?

Intelligent Auto Zoom works a lot better than previous "digital zooms" I've used in point and shoot cameras or on smart phones, what have you. I happened accidentally onto the Fuji's Intelligent Auto Zoom (which effectively turns the camera into a 50-200mm camera) and it produced very crisp images, even at the 200mm digital zoom level.

Is the lens at its greatest extension at mid or full zoom?

At 100mm, the lens is at its greatest extension.

Is it possible to use the self-timer in conjunction with continuous shooting?

Let me see... no, doesn't seem able to do that. It just fires off one photo. However, let me test the "best shot" mode to see  if can fire off 8 (or 16) photos with the timer...

Yes - okay that works. So you can set the auto timer (2 seconds or 10, I set 2 seconds), put the shot into best frame capture mode, and it will fire off 8 (or 16, if you set that) shots in rapid succession.

Hope that helps.

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