Why bother even giving a .5

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Re: Why bother even giving a .5

It is sad to say but the cheats have won and destroyed any fairness in the voting.

The only way to "beat" them is to remove them from voting all together.

This could be done by having a group of "selected" judges from which 4 or 5 could be chosen to judge each challenge. Public voting could remain in place as a "People's Choise" or something similar but would carry less value than the "Judge's Choise" which could not be influenced by the cheats.

It has always been a rule of mine not to vote in any challenge I have entered but I am starting to question if this is the right way to go - maybe it would be better to have all entrants vote in any challenge they enter ???

There is lots of honest and talented people here that would gladly volunteer to Judge, to help take back the challenges from the small percentage of people who have to cheat.

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