First impressions of the 7D

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DABlodger wrote:

I have now had my 7D for 2 weeks now and I am one very happy camper. For context, I bought my first Canon when I was 18 and ever since then, for the last 40 years, I have been using a Canon, except for the Ikonta 520 and the Brownie Hawkeye, both given to me by my uncle when I was a 12 or so. A number of years ago I bought my first dslr, a Canon Rebel XTi. Initially, having any digital slr was magic when compared to film. However, it didn’t take me long to outgrow it and very gradually I noticed I was taking fewer and fewer pictures, even with 7 grandsons around the house. Fortunately, it broke about 6 months ago and after some research, I decided to wait until Canon replaced the 7D and the 60D at Photokina 2012. Well, as you all know, Canon did not do what we had hoped, nor as I had planned, so I had to go back to the drawing board. I have a couple of EF-S lenses, so going FF and buying the new 6D (or 5DII) and new lenses didn’t make sense for my situation. So I pulled the trigger and bought a refurbished 7D from Canon. And although the first one had a bad CF pin, they immediately made it right and sent me another one.

Some first impressions –

  • The build and ergonomics is simply amazing. Period.
  • The AF 19-point focusing is fast, accurate and I assume it will take a long time to really understand all the nuances.
  • The 8fps is remarkable and should be adequate to shoot anything that moves, even grandsons.
  • The custom functions and the menu function settings and the back-of-the-camera adjustment capabilities are more than enough to allow anyone to change their camera so it more closely aligns with a particular shooting style or situation.
  • From reading some of the problems others have had with the 7D, I was worried if I would experience issues with the 7D noise, 2.0 firmware update or AF issues. I can honestly say all of those concerns have been put to rest.
  • My biggest complaint is the awful manual Canon provides---it is simply worthless. I have just ordered a couple of field guides.

In summary, I am thrilled with the Canon 7D, but more importantly, I am once again in love with the magic of photography.



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