Is nikon D 90 worth considering now?

Started Oct 27, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Yes. The D90 is awesome.

Sammy Yousef wrote:

I love the D90. I just bought another one. It's a great camera, with quite a rich feature set in a lot of the areas that matter. It has a built in CLS commander on board, a body motor for older lenses, two dials, a top LCD for quickly seeing your status. It's capable enough in low light to use for entry level astrophotography.

I've only had the most minor issues with multiple D90 bodies over the last few years - hot pixels and the glue coming off one of the grips. I've shot my best pictures with the D90. I hesitated when I moved up from the D70 but the D90 is an easier camera to use due to the larger LCD and comprehensive menu, and my results have improved dramatically. Check out my gallery - I'm no pro, and I'm not going to win any photo of the year awards, but I'm very happy with the IQ.Very significantly I've never had to wet clean any of my D90 sensors, and I've yet to see a picture ruined due to dust blobs. I can't get cheap cleaning supplies so cleaning the D70 use to be a nightmare for me.

I've also wanted to avoid the QC issues on the new bodies - a lot of people are saying they're rare but from what I've read online I think it's a gamble, and if I lose I end up spending my time dealing with issues instead of taking photos. In the meantime I've saved a lot of money compared to buying a D7000. Where I live I can get 2 D90s for the price of 1 D7000, but the D90 only seems to be reasonably priced as a grey market item now.

The things I've given up by not upgrading that I actually care about are increased dynamic range, and better high ISO ability. I'm not sure if the megapixels matter but perhaps a slight ability to crop too.

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I love my D90, purchased when it first came out.  It is a better camera than I am a photographer.  I have seen no reason to upgrade based upon what I can do with this camera.

Go for it.

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