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Re: I didn't know NEX-6 doesn't have mic input, can it use SONY NEX boom mic?

It looks like there is some confusion.

The NEX-3 and 5 series generally come with the "Smart Accessory Terminal". This supports the ECM-SST1 microphone.

The NEX-7 supports the iISO shoe, which the ECM-ALST1 uses as a MOUNT but not a CONNECTOR. That microphone requires a 3.5mm plug, which the NEX-7 has. (look at the picture, it has a big honking wire coming out of it:

The NEX-6 has a totally (totally) TOTALLY new hotshoe called the Multi Interface Shoe. It's a mixture of the old standard ISO (NOT iISO) shoe, with extra electrical contacts hidden inside to do extra fancy stuff. The new A99 full frame DSLR from Sony also uses this new shoe. The NEX-6 does NOT have a 3.5mm plug connector.

This means that neither of the currently available Sony microphones is compatible with the NEX-6. Right now, we either have to have to wait for a Multi Interface Shoe compatible microphone, or use the built-in microphone, or use an external microphone like a Zoom, Tascam, or something else.

Of course most people who want really good audio are already using external, separate solutions like a Zoom and then mixing sound later. But, there is something to be said for the convenience of shoe-connected audio that is mixed in the camera. It just doesn't exist yet. Since Sony is switching to the Multi Interface Shoe, it's fairly certain we will see more accessories soon (including flashes, of which there is only one giant expensive unit at the moment, meant for the A99).

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