DP2M vs. 5DMkII: The DP2M realy is that good ...(large image)

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Re: DP2M vs. 5DMkII: The DP2M realy is that good ...(large image)

Downsampling does several things:

- it sharpens Bayer images

- it adds aliasing jaggies

- it throws away detail.

Ideally you should upsample and to avoid unfairness to the lower MP camera, you should upsample both to a common size. Try something like 9000 or 10000 pixels wide.

The result will be non optimal at 100% viewing for both cameras, especially with respect to edge acutance, but it is an effective method of reliably comparing the relative amount of detail present.

Sharpening will need to be applied and you need to be careful because that makes a BIG difference. My strategy is to apply massive amounts of sharpening to both.  It makes the files ugly but in a test you are looking to see exactly how much detail is present not make a beautiful file, so this doesn't matter.  Of course, if you show files with this kind of treatment publicly, be prepared for criticism...

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