Nikon dumping lemon D800/D800e/D600, Federal Trade Commision or other gov't entity assist us ?

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Re: D600?

LPLIV wrote:

On a more serious note, I spent almost thirty years in the elecronics industry in a wide variety of markets... Semiconductors, PC's starting with IBM's early models, main frame computers, DASD, tape drives, electonics based ag products ad nauseam... To be honest no product that I have ever worked with or seen, no matter how well engineered ever came out with some kind of design flaw, mfg process error, software bug... I had a VP of developement tell one of my customers once that his processsor (system) board we were building looked like a plate of spagetti because he had some many jumper wires on it you could hardly see the board... . Often times the down side would result in millions of fixit dollars eating away at lost profit.. So I guess those silly execs at Nikon decided to just throw away millions of dollars of what could be profit to refurb and repair... And then.. to add insult to injury they arbitrarily decided to pick on one of the most litigeous (especially for consumer products) societies in the world... Go figure... the logic of it all...


Nonsence.  I also had 30 years in the electronics and telecommunications business. You obviously were before 6 sigma.  Continueous improvement is the goal here and Nikon is going backwards.

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