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Re: Troll, Troll, Troll...

billythek wrote:

Yes, and he makes the point in the original post that he is traveling "outside the US", as if that is significant. Seems to imply that he is normally inside the US? And then when people from multiple countries point out that he is an idiot, he starts with the anti-American tirade.

LOL. I can't decide whether "dumb, dumb, dumb" or "troll, troll, troll". Guess I'll stick with troll.

But what an idiot!

No offense intended, of course. Just trying to accurately analyze the problem.

It's really sad that when someone comes here for help, you want to genuinely believe them and give advice to get them going again.  And then something like this comes along where it's a little "out there".  And it gets more so by the day.  I sure wish he/she/whomever could possibly post a pic from Patagonia (metadata intact) and prove the thread (yes, too bad it's come to that).  Otherwise (if this is a troll thread), I wish I had gotten that degree in psychology so I could figure out what possesses a person to start a thread like this.  Bored?

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