Tricky AF on OM-D

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Re: Tricky AF on OM-D

Marvin Doering wrote:

I just experienced a problem at my niece's wedding. As they came down the aisle toward me I took one picture and then as they continued towards me I tried two or three more shots and it would not let me take the picture. If I stopped and waitied a second it would let me shoot but they were already by me. I have experienced this same problem with my Nex7. Never had a problem with a regular SLR; only the mirrorless cameras manifest this condition which is why I don't see them ever being a professional camera.

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This has nothing to do with it being a "professional camera" or not.  You're doing something wrong.  What kind of AF are you using?  Are you using continuous shooting mode?  Are you shooting with a low ISO and not particularly fast aperture indoors (and thus with a slow shutter speed)?  You should be able to fire off continuous shots on people walking towards you with continuous auto-focus at four frames per second.  The camera can do up to 9 fps if they're staying in the same plane of view and don't need to refocus.  Works great for me.

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