Does the D3x hold any advantage in performance or usability in comp to D800?

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traded my D3x for a D800, my version

I'm late to this discussion but I'll weigh in anyway. I traded my D3x for a D800. I also have a D7000 that's been my second body (which I have kept).

When I first got the D800, I made some 17x24" prints (on my Epson 4900)and said, well, they are good, but really are they that much better? I'm not seeing it. I then made some 30x40" on my 9900, and saw, yes, there is some visible difference, but not like dramatic, I then made a 40x60 off the D800 files and WOW, you really see it, its amazing, the detail, just stunning, way beyond my P20 Phase back I used to use with a Hasselblad V system.

Now having said that, I do miss the bigger buffer of the D3x on some freelance jobs, I do NOT miss the heavy body at all. the D3x had really above and beyond battery life, the D800, its good enough, just pay attention and have a spare, but its not a deal breaker for me. The bigger files of the D800 over the D3x have created some issues, passing on files to clients, (I no longer deliver work on DVD's), but the bigger files are something to take into account with your workflow.

One last thing, one of the reasons I traded, and BTW I got a very good trade value for my D3x, was it was early in the game and I did not loose too much trading my 2 year old D3x, but I was concerned that the D3x would eventually really side in trade in value, especially with new models on the horizon like the D600, and yes, I have seen the value of used D3x's side here in the midwest, so for me it was looking down the road. I learned when I got out of the Hasselblad V system I had years ago and purchased a D2x that you have to know when to either hold the gear or dump it  & when you get the best market vaule for used gear as I do not hold bodies in particular a long time, lenses, and in particular, good glass, I think of more as a longer term investment.

I hope that helps.

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