The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: Good grief! This isn't jewelry people!

I have gotten slammed for this same thing over and over. And i agree with you fully. It seems people dont get the technical side and also the NIKON tolerance levels and want to keep beating a dead horse. lensrentals also does not do wet cleanings in the video that they show. No knock at them but watch the video they made of how to clean a sensor ...unless i was watching a old video.. What they say has no relevance until nikon decides to do something to make a change in this design. HINT THEY WILL NOT. You have god knows howmany of these things now sold world wide. You think they plan to replace and redesign all of them? they may silently fix the ones that have a failure rate that is above what they think is acceptable? Are we nikon techs? do we know what standard they find ok? do we know when they decide a camera just needs a cleaning and when they say okay lets replace the mirror box or shutter. Read all the d7000 posts or d800 posts of cameras sent back same, worst and better. That means they have a way of doing it. This is fine to post and say hey this may be the cause or that but until nikon says so Which THEY WILL NOT it will go on as a case by case repair or cleaning and will still result in the issue showing up for some and not others. It has dust YES YES YES we got it and i agree. Where is the nikon test and repair orders and final verdict? Read up on d7000 repair invoices and lets see what they actually do that is a permanent fix.

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