The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Good grief! This isn't jewelry people!

I very much doubt if Nikon builds these things in some spotless multi-HEPA filtered Intel Clean Room. I also expect many cameras from almost any manufacturer to have some defects in them as well. It ain't a perfect world and this stuff isn't 100% accurate either, although some seem to think it is. It never will be on a mass consumer level and even the one-time built Hubble Space Telescope needed a service call "to see properly" once on the job.

Any decent bench tech could find something wrong with all products they make out there, much to the chagrin of their owners who think because they paid $25,000 for some Leica S2 it should be "Perfect photo jewelry" (Hint: It ain't.). Tech probably never can address them all either given the time they are allowed to fix what is necessary too and get them to "Good enough for working" levels.

If you got dirt, learn how to clean it. My D7000 had a lot of junk when new, but I made up a small vacuum hose that attaches to the HEPA canister vacuum and suck it out prior to each sensor cleaning (I'm not keen on blowing stuff into a camera having been a bench tech and needing to tear into one of them again post-repair to get the crude out.). Yes, I find very small shards of brass and metal down in the area behind the bayonet mount at times working under a lighted sensor loupe. Pretty much normal with the constant changing of lenses on a machined and a sometimes sharp-edged mount that varies camera-to-camera as well.

If your sensor is oil stained then learn how to wet clean it too. Get some Eclipse and some swabs and learn to do it on a glass lens filter then apply the technique to the sensor. If it streaks from oil where the residue color changes to some magenta to bluish streaks, that can be infuriating to get rid of but stick with it. My D800E was really bad the first time though its cleaning with magenta streaks and sensor crude and it will show in photos if you look for it too. Just keep at it with a new swab and Eclipse until it is streak free which it will be at some point - unless you are totally inept then let someone else do it. In time, stuff like oil will minimize from cleaning to cleaning.

Some shutters have a coating that will wear off too else the blades would be a bright shiny metal and you don't want that. Needs a sensor cleaning for that too. Maybe some mold release is still in the body and floating around which also may call for a sensor cleaning too. If you eve see some grease inside a body on some gear train, you'd be shocked at how much crude can be caught in it.

If you see a scratch someplace, it won't affect your photos. Probably won't even affect it if it is a small one in you lens's glass either, maybe even a large one either. If I took back every screwdriver handle for a scratch, much less some camera body or lens, I wouldn't have one now.

If you are looking for some casting bit from the molds, good luck. You'll find thousands which seems to be a norm in this thread.

Good grief people. Get a grip already! If the letter "i" isn't dotted in white paint in the word Nikon on the lens, does that devalue the lens any more and cause it to take lousy photos? It's a mass produced item and one should expect to see some flaws someplace that make this one different from that one. No two cars are 100% alike either if you have a pool of the same models at work. Even some $50,000 diamond may have a flaw in the cutting and polishing if one looks long enough for it.

Tolerance exists in the making of these things. Perhaps it is needed in this thread too instead of "I found a scratch and I'm writing the company about it!" Better wait a while before doing it as you'll find more to write about later if you keep looking for them. Your 1/500 second shutter speed may be 1/504 second. Want to write about that too?


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