Ditching your DSLR?

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Re: Ditching your DSLR?

I've been constantly downsizing since I stopped shooting on assignment (I used to shoot college football, some commercial and even had one national magazine cover).  Now I shoot for my own pleasure.  I started with Canon and L glass.  Then downsized to Olympus E-1/E-3 and their mid-grade glass, then moved to micro 4/3 with a GF1 and GH1 and kit lenses and 20 f/1.7. 
Now i'm in the Fuji X camp with an X100 (main camera), X10 ("pocket travel") and the X-S1 (still at Fuji for lens/sensor swap...argh).  I just select the tool I want for each occassion.

Later today, for a family outing, it's the X100.

For a sports event or tele occassion, the X-S1

For the upcoming family vacation, the X100 + X10

Oh, and an iPhone 4s in my pocket at all times just in case.

I've contemplated going the X-E1 route and may down the road, but for now, I'm pleased with my "selecting the right tool for the right job" approach.  Each camera is about the cost of a decent lens.  The X100 EXCELS at what it does.  The X-S1 (24-624mm f/2.8-5.6) at $599 is a bargain IMO (come on Fuji, repair and send it back!!!).

I have no plans to go back to a DSLR.

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