Anyone else think the d-90 and d-7000 should be in this forum?

Started Oct 27, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Anyone else think the d-90 and d-7000 should be in this forum?

nope .

the line has to be drawn somewhere ,I think DPR have got it right .

Nikon's Official take is that the above cameras are in thier  consumer models . why should we differ , there are too many interpretations of "what is Pro " or "semi Pro"  "amature"  "consumer" etc. Nikon have two lines ,Pro ,and Consumer . based on biuld  and features etc.

simply put ,the Pro models do not compromise in biuld or feature set.  The consumer models .do ?.

I know this has no bearing on consumer models ability to take superb shots,  but in Nikons lineup there is a clearly defined difference between the two .

the battle of difference regarding oppinion on where the various models should be placed will allways be there ,only by sticking to a known formula  can common sense prevail .

That said ,the D1X/D2X appear to be placed in the FX forum .

and D600 being the only consumer FX model has no forum of its own, and is bundled with the Pro FX models ,but as more consumer FX models appear maybe that will change.

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