Ditching your DSLR?

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Re: Ditching your DSLR?

songeun7 wrote:

I am thinking of ditching my DSLR too. But I love my 85mm F1.4G lens. If I get the adapter for X-E1, would AF work? How about aperture?

Make sure you get an adapter made to work with G lenses.

I did read one review which said the lens made the setup very front heavy but I daresay you can adapt to that. Many old Nikon AIS (manual focus) lenses and "D" lenses (which are AF/manual but have an aperture ring) can be purchased cheaply as used items. They are often excellent quality so it is well worthwhile checking (say) eBay for fast old manual lenses.

Regardless of focus type they must be manually focused when used with an adapter. Metering is stop-down and you have to set the camera to either aperture priority or full manual. This will allow the camera to set a shutter speed to suit. Auto ISO and + - ev are still available.

If you are only used to full automation you may be in for a shock. However, if you are of a generation that used the first SLRs (1960s) you will remember the old stop-down lenses and the method of composing then metering a dim scene with closed aperture. If using mainly wide apertures if won't be a problem.

You also need to set the camera to "shoot without lens" since the camera will not recognise the adapter.


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