The changing tide towards Mirrorless?

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Re: Amazing that no one listed to Canon themselves

bobn2 wrote:

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

1. It was on Techradar or EndGadget earlier in the year about March, I have linked to it before.

Link please. I'm beginning to get an inkling that when I see what things really said, they may not correspond to what you said they said (see below).

2. "at Sony's" the company that had the dodgy sensor size posters in Jessops where the mft sensor size had mysteriously shrunk!

So, explain, how does them getting their facts wrong on a poster about sensor size lead one to believe that they would overestimate Nikon 1's market share?

3. Actually in November/October last year I went to 3 Jessops in the North East and London and they weren't on display till January also the North East Jessops haven't replaced heir initial stock, also they weren't available in Argos until the January catalogue, Comet didn't have them in stock nor supermarkets and in Currys/PcWorld they were swamped by Sony, Oly and Panny.

You spend all your time walking around camera stores surveying Nikon 1 presence and sales figures? Sounds like a man possessed to me.

4. I wrote a thread on this very forum this time last year regarding Pixmania Europe's wide sales in 27 countries and was able to include a few other UK online camera sellers, Nikon1 ranked nowhere!

Link please. If the level of logic and analysis in that is similar to what we see here, then I'm, certain we'll all be very impressed.

5. Nikon ran a Americanised TV campaign in the UK with the catch line "if the Nikon 1 was a coffee machine it would have the coffee already made for you..." that ran for 6 weeks, apart from the occasional advert in camera mags since then nada,zero, nichte....

i) There was a whole series of ads 'If the Nikon 1 was' all focussing on the USP like a good ad should.

ii) The ad frequency for all products tails off after launch.

6. The Nikon 1's design has been given a more masculine feel, no mention of pink or red models,and is now more targeted at enthusiasts.

You mean, like this?

The new Nikon 1 J2 camera is available in six colors and uses an all-metal body

Of course the 'enthusiast' model, the V1 was only ever available in two colours, just like the recently launched V2.

V1, black and white

Seems your facts are a bit awry. So, if we take your advice not to believe Sony because they got a sensor size wrong, we'll have not to believe you.

7. "action photography for soccer moms " includes their kids running round their dimly lit homes in the evening at which the Nikon 1 still fails, I've got 7 kids I don't see the Nikon 1 at schools sports days in the UK and at school concerts the Nikon 1 would still fail.

The Nikon 1 succeeds much better than any P&S or any mFT camera other than the E-M5. So it's a question of what your standards are. I don't expect anyone ever thought that any but the most doting soccer moms would buy 1D Xs and D4s.

BTW, we can see now that you didn't always spend all your time wandering round camera shops in pursuit of Nikon 1 sales information. Still I suppose when it's that many, you need to have a way of getting away.

8. actually when I photograph weddings I can zoom into the images on my computer I can see exactly what the guests ave been shooting with!

And tell the kids 'no, daddy's working very hard', while what you're really doing is trawling through all your wedding shots, sating your obsession with the Nikon 1. Your customers might appreciate it if you spent a bit more time P&Ping their pictures and a bit less trying to find out which cameras their guests were using.

9."precisely marketed" Nikon themselves said they were surprised at the Nikon 1's take up by enthusiasts (same Nikon interview as in point 1.)

That actually re-inforces the point. The target market was people who photograph their kids (of whom there are a great many), sounds like Nikon found more buyers amongst these forums' demographic than they expected, hence the spec of the V2, I should think, to consolidate that.

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Here is the quote from TechRadar,

"Although it perhaps wasn't the system many were expecting from the company, it - or rather the Nikon 1 J1 - has performed exceptionally well, topping the CSC sales charts at several points in its 12 month history."

Looks like Bob was correct.

My kids bought me a J1 and I find it makes the perfect companion when fishing or hiking.  The pictures you get are from the camera you have.  My D700 does not fit in my waders, the J1 does!!

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