V2 shape is reminicent of Sony V3

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Re: V2 shape is reminicent of Sony V3

jonikon wrote:

I still own a Sony V3 and although it doesn't get much use anymore, I like the handling much better than my Nikon V1. Maybe that is why I like the new V2 design so much!

You just wrote in the other message, V2 shape/design reminds you of the Nikon F4! Apparently for you every camera, even ah so so dramatically different, resembles each other. So V2 is like F4 and even like some obscure Sony V3... Aha... Hm... My eyes deceive me, they are different, completely, all 3 of them. So you think Sony V3 shape is like the Nikon F4 shape, may I draw this scientific conclusion?

I think, I will skip in the future the "reminicent" messages from you, unless I would look for a good morning laugh.


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