Other Systems dream of this performance at f/5.6 - but at f/2.0?

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Jos Bleau
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Re: Other Systems dream of this performance at f/5.6 - but at f/2.0?

philosomatographer wrote:

You didn't really look at my f/2.0 crop, did you? If you think a competitor's 70-200 can do this, even at f/4.0, you have probably not used them all (I have) and are completely mistaken. There is practically no fixed-focal length lens that can beat this. If you are in posession of illustrative samples, please post them.

Try this


at the aperture that you can not even attain.

Then there is the great colour-rendering, perfect contrast at all apertures, and edge performance which make us owners of the Zuiko 35-100 really appreciate it over the alternatives. We can even forgive the slower, noisy focus. The SHG Zuikos are optically peerless, and it certainly took me a number of years to realise this.

Others are catching on... Even DigitalLoyd (in his paid subscription reviews) demonstrates the superiority of the SHG zooms over Leica M lenses in absolute terms.

Ahyway, I don't want to force you to use anything, my post was just a shout out to this wonderful optic.

Peace out.

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