I have to bring my iMac to Apple for service...

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Re: I have to bring my iMac to Apple for service...

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I just got an email form the service shop. They accepted they were originally wrong and apologized for the inconvenience. All computers affected should have the HD change.

I have Time Capsule (the same size) backing my internal HD with Time Machine every hour. What's the procedure for installing back? I wish for an identical filed new disk.

Apple's email states that I should have the original installation discs that came with the iMac at hand. Then what?.

You install the OS (from your installation disks) onto the iMac when you get it back, at the end of the installation process you will be asked whether you want to restore from a backup, answer yes, connect your TC via Ethernet (much faster), select it as the source and sit back and wait a couple of hours.


One Q: Do I have to introduce serial numbers again for the different applications?

That depends on the application (ie, whether they tie the serial number verification to things like the HDD configuration). Mostly you won't need to but for a few applications it can be necessary. To be on the save side I would de-authorize any Adobe applications as well your AppleID in iTunes before sending in the Mac.

As I just added in another thread, you should update the OS after the re-installation to the version you are currently running otherwise you might be trying to restore stuff that is not compatible with the older OS version that your installation DVDs have.

Thank you much. Really good info.


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