Was V2 design inspired by the Nikon F4 design?

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Re: "Iconic" Nikon SLR

Danny W. wrote:

ThomasH_always wrote:

The F4 was shaped after human hand. It was the very last body without any LCD screen, it has had exchangeable prisms, also as a last of its kind. Later pro-bodies dropped the prism exchange:


The F5 also had interchangeable finders, but was not as good-looking as the F4S IMO.

Danny W.

Of course, I stand corrected , thanks for spotting this. Should have checked instead of trusting my (fading) memory... The F5 was the body with integrated vertical grip, as we see them today in D3/D4 or in EOS-1Dxxx.  For me this humongous size was the reason not to consider the F5 ever, rather to prefer the F100.

But, lets come back to the V2 and its "beauty" and curb appeal.  Even the so friendly Steve Huff writes on his pages:

"Damn, the V2 is one of the ugliest cameras I have seen in many years. "


I suppose many people have to soak in the "looks" of this Mr. Robato and Homer Simpson co-production in Industrial Form Creation...

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