Ditching your DSLR?

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Re: Ditching your DSLR?

While the Nikon 85 1.4G is an exceptional lens, one of my absolute favorites, it is not really that good manual focusing (relatively short focus throw), which is what you'll have to do when it's adapted to for instance X-mount. No AF! There are two types of adapters, an "Ai" one and a "G" one, the latter feature a ring that allow rudimentary aperture adjustment, but no marked click stops. Ai lenses can be used with the "G" type adapters. All things considered the "G"-type lenses are not that practical adapted to the X-series. Optically however, they do great, at least normals and tele lenses.

There are plenty relatively cheap 75-85mm F/1.4-2.8 lenses available for various mounts. The most interesting mount for adaption is M39, due to its short flange focal distance resulting in a slightly more compact package with a narrower adapter and "tiny" rangefinder lenses. "M" mount (Leica) is also an option, but with more expensive lenses.


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