D700 Power Issues - Help

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D700 Power Issues - Help

Help, I need some advice on what could be the root cause of a power issue I am seeing with my D700.

I have 2 Nikon batteries, both were fully charged when I went out this morning. I started shooting as normal and everything was fine. I then switched to LiveView and the battery died on me.

OK, so maybe that one had lost some charge during the week. Stick in the other one, battery info says 98% capacity. Switched to LiveView but after 2 shots it dropped to 1%!!!. Turned off the camera, set it back to MUP mode, checked the battery capacity and it said 46%??? Returned home fed up and bewildered.

Got home and started to do some testing. The battery still said 46% when I started, put it in LiveView and pressed the shutter to get the image on the LCD. Then I left the room for 30 seconds, came back and it was down to 1% again!!!! Turn off LiveView, turn on MUP switch on and off and now it says 22%???? WTF!!!

In anything but LiveView the batteries last a reasonable length of time but I never gert anywhere near the numbers in the manual.

Both batteries show on the meter screen as charging life of new.

I now have a new battery and I am testing that. So far it is holding it's life in LiveView but is dropping a little which I guess is to be expected.

The other thing I noticed was that in LiveView mode the rear glass on my lenses was steaming up??? Heat from the sensor maybe? I am not leaving it open for ages and ages.

Anyway, I am starting to wonder if I have a power supply issue or whether my original 2 batteries are just knackered. It's frustrating when you can't trust your gear in the field though.

Any thoughts anyone???

Kind Regards

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Nikon D700
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