XF1 Arrives - very first thoughts

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Re: XF1 Arrives - very first thoughts

Thanks SO much for your comments.  I've been anxiously waiting for hands-on info about this camera.

I would like to purchase a new camera, moving up from a old Panasonic DMC-LZ10 that finally died.  I'm considering the Canon S100/S110, Sony RX100 and this XF1.  I've crawled through the manual and have some questions that would be nice to know.

How does the Intelligent Auto Zoom interact with the manual zoom?  The other cameras run up to the end of optical zoom, then kick in their intelligent zoom.  With the manual zoom of the XF1 I'm not sure how the manual and intelligent zoom work together.

Does it have AE Lock?  The only AE Lock the manual indicates is when the shutter button is half pressed.  I don't' see a way to lock exposure across multiple shots.  Is this correct?  I like creating Panoramas, but I like to stitch them myself, and without AE Lock across shots I don't see much way of fixing the exposure without going into Manual mode.

According to the manual, the Program Shift function requires the ISO to be set to a specific value - cannot be AUTO.  This makes sense.  But when I read the Canon/Sony manuals I don't find this limitation.  While this is the wrong forum for to ask - how do the other cameras handle Program Shift while having AUTO ISO set? (or do they!)



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