Ditching your DSLR?

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Re: Ditching your DSLR?

Seems like someone here is persistently marking down the "I ditched the DSLR and I'm happy' posts.

Why the disapproving voice/s? This is a Fuji thread right ... the company that is leading the way in quality 'mirrorless' gear - gear with DSLR beating performance.

I haven't actually ditched my Canon DSLR (or my Nikon/Contax SLRS) but they do not get much use either nowadays ...

Mainly travel photography, so weight and 'friendly' character of X100, XPro1 etc. are their biggest plusses. Everyone tends to scowl at DSLRs - far too synonymous with press photographer. I don't 'chimp' much either ... I swear other (DSLR toting) users think I'm using old film rangefinders - as do many of the subjects I point it at.

Go ahead - thumbs-down this post ....

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