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Sorry, Chris

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So here is my question. IS THERE AN ADVANTAGE OTHER THAN FPS OR SMALLER FILES, TO HAVING LOWER RESOLUTION? I do have one idea to bounce off your minds here. I have heard many times that FF don't suffer as soon from diffraction when stopping down, because their pixels are generally larger. So with a lower rez sensor, such as 16mp apsc vs 24mp apsc, does that allow us to use smaller apertures without diffraction affecting IQ? This may seem like a small advantage but for non action shots when shutters are not important, and when wider DOF is preferred, this is very important. But, does it outweight higher rez for something like landscape?

What you have heard is wrong. Diffraction comes from film/sensor size, not pixel size, so for the same sensor size you get the same amount of diffraction at 6MP or 36MP. Of course, there's less detail to be seen at 6MP but that applies all through from wide open to fully stopped down.

See that doesn't make any sense to me, the photons that are being subject to the diffraction of passing through a hole don't know the size of the sensor they are hitting. They know though the size of the hole or slit that they are passing through, so by that logic diffraction should never be format dependent but aperture dependent.

You're right, of course, Chris.  I was lazy in the way I explained it - what I meant was that diffraction is aperture related, then that the effect of that aperture on DOF comes through to sensor size rather than pixel size in the way it affects DOF.  But you wouldn't know that from what I wrote.

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