Cathedral photography?

Started Oct 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Cathedral photography?

I have taken pictures at some Cathedrals in Ottawa, Montreal, and New York.  In my gallery are some pictures from one when I was in Ottawa.

It is true that you probably will not be allowed to take in a full size tripod but what works really well is one of the small travel tripods (table-top type).  You can almost always find a surface to hold the camera/tripod on for longer exposure shots.  Look for colums, or on top of a pew.  At the front, you can put it on the railing.

I think you will get much better pictures using this technique rather than hand-holding with high ISO because you will get the benefits of using lower ISO (lower noise, higher DR, etc.).

Also - with the large amouts of detail and the scale of a typical cathedral, I like going wide angle - the wider the better.  Fisheye is really useful.

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