Opinion on SLR/n vs other options

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Re: Opinion on SLR/n vs other options
I doubt that anyone has found a work-around for that, except for careful choice of subject and lighting.

I'll tell you what - share the raw file with this problem from SLR/n and I bet I'll show how it can be raw processed with all the options to see if I can get rid of the problem. On pretty mush all of my shots of the water I don't have what can be seen as water noise when processed purely in LR.

> So much fine detail, such as leaves in a landscape, is destroyed.

I actually find the opposite - SLR/n resolves more details than  any sub 20Mpixel Nikons and from what I seen is on par with D3x. It also has a lot better colour tones in finest tone variations such as precisely fine leaves details in landscapes where pretty much most modern Nikons are behind I would say.

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