Thinking of switching from M43 to NEX

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Re: You can just buy the Leica 25mm f1.4

forpetessake wrote:

LiquidSilver wrote:

On m4/3, it has about the same DOF of the 35mm f1.8 on the NEX, and it also equalize the theoretical noise advantage of Sony APS-C.

If you want to do an equivalence between APS-C and m4/3, simply multiply m4/3 focal and f number for 1.3. If you do it, you equalize even the sensor sizes.

That's approximately correct, exact comparison impossible due to different aspect ratios, but since most people prefer 3:2 or 16:9 aspect ratio, the difference will be bigger for them.

One other thing people often overlook, and that is the requirements to optical design. It seems to be really hard to increase lens resolution even for the smaller image circle. I see m4/3 lenses have the same or even lower center resolution compared to the old FF glass, so if the last 30 years didn't bring any improvemnets in this area, I don't expect the next 30 years will be any different. As the sensor resolution will inevitably be increasing, the lenses will become a bottleneck. This and other physical limitations of smaller sensors will likely push demand for FF and larger sensors in the coming years.

Where did you get that information?

Lenstip shows around 80 lp/mm of resolution for m4/3 lens, and DxOmark tests lens resolution by normalizing them to FF (I think just by dividing by two m4/3 lens resolution). Usually m4/3 lenses on an m4/3 sensor perform better that FF lenses on APS-C.

At the moment, lenses do not seem the weak point of m4/3 at all...

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