The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: Mine also has it: Netherlands, 6026xxx.

Snapternity wrote:

I think we can pretty much conclude that the dust is caused by the mirror scratching the surface of that spot when raises, really hope Nikon can deal with this issue soon.

How did we conclude that? did we have the proper people with high speed video equipment record the movement    of  the mirror assembly and the resulting dust? Did we have someone test a removed mirror box assembly that is wired to still function to see this in real time and measure the amount of dust before and after in a controlled dust free environment? I checked my camera and no marks and I also notice a small cut out on both sides of the part just under the mirror. Could dust actually pass more thru these two cut outs under the mirror. I would think gravity would cause anything that came from the scratch to fall down and or forward and down would mean towards lens opening. Again I dont have the scratch but am at about 500 and will add more clicks today with my shoot. I would like to see a recorded video of this movement from start to finish at the point of contact. I would think a special dye or something that can transfer would also need to be applied.

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