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Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

Canondog wrote:

FIXED!!!! one of my batteries had a terminal blocked. I fixed the battery and marked it as "RUBBISH" . on the camera, the male connector was bent. I remember that when i placed the battery in the 5D, i never felt any pressure. I managed to bent back the plate with a screwdriver and fixed two of them, the other snaped. Where can I get a spare part. I got the address of a place in chile to have them replace it for undeo 100 dlls. Perhaps if i buy the part I can buy 3 for a better deal.

Any one knows where. AND PLEASE!!! point me to the right direction instead of sayng dumb dumb dumb bhla blha...who does that and why you did it.

Thank you

So you are saying it is true, it took you destroying 3 cameras with a single battery (you say that the other batteries are ok and it was only one that could destroy a camera) to figure out it was the battery. So after breaking one camera, you insert the battery in another camera and it breaks, at this point I would still have sympathy for you because although dumb, I think the average person that may not have clue about cameras may ruin 2 cameras, but then you do it one more time to make sure it breaks another camera. Sorry, I could not believe it, I guess now I do. I don't care if you were European, American, African, Russian, Chinese. I think that was way beyond stupid it was dumb (stupid being ignorant, dumb being you have had experience yet you repeat the same mistake... in your case twice). So don't feel like I was calling you dumb because you weren't American. I would call an American dumb for doing that too. If I were born in another country.. I would call you dumb.

What bothers me, is after you figured out you were dumb, you deflected and tried to make this an American thing and blame Americans for you being dumb and all Americans are bad and persecute you because you are not from America. Sorry, anyone from any country looking at what you did would think you are dumb, not just Americans.

Now, I am really happy for you that figured out the problem and fixed 2 of the cameras and it looks like the 3rd will be an easy fix. I am glad being dumb will not cost you $10,500.

So my hope for you is this, that you will learn from this experience and become smart, because if you repeat this error again, you will be even dumber.

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