I created a poll about the D600 Oil/Dust issue

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Re: I created a poll about the D600 Oil/Dust issue

It's rather shocking to hear those of you who do not even own D600s claim there is no problem.

Though, there most certainly is an identified issue with the D600 as illustrated here http://nikonrumors.com/2012/10/23/nikon-d600-sensors-dust-spots-caused-by-a-gap-around-the-shutter.aspx/#more-47100 and at numerous other locations throughout the photographic community.

Given the shutter gap, there will always be a major issue with dust on the D600. This is a matter of quality control and imprecise specs. It is real and it is not imaginary, nor will it solve itself over time.

For those who have decided to keep their D600s, good luck. Though, now is not the time to be dealing with Nikon's technical support, given the number of customers still trying to have their D800s repaired, as well as Nikon's new policy of no longer selling parts to the general public or to the vast majority of Nikon dealers.

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