Ditching your DSLR?

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Re: Ditching your DSLR?

Quite the opposite for me. I did start off with a t3 but got caught up in the allure of a smaller mirrorless camera. after quick romance with the panasonic g3 and Nex 7 I settled in with the xpro. While I do love the image quality I'm afraid AF just doesn't cut it for me. A big use for my camera, photographing my moving kids in low light, proves to much for it even after update and I miss so many shots while it hunts and gives me the dreaded red box. I've learned to work around it but I'm looking for one system to satisfy all my needs and since the xpro just isn't cutting it for me there I've ventured to full frame with an original 5d. People complain of its AF too but compared to the xpro and moving subjects it is waaaaay faster in my experience. Can't imagine what a mkIII would be like. I've also learned that I love the 135mm focal legnth and the x series doesn't offer anything in that range right now.

So I currently am shooting both but the true test will be my sister's wedding next weekend after which I will decide which system to truly invest into. I'm leaning towards the Canon, mainly because of available lens options, especially used market, and of course my personal need for quicker AF. I've found that it has been almost impossible to get anything for the x series cameras locally so the secondhand market is pretty much non existent here. There are two local camera shops and one doesn't own anything fujifilm at all.

Its been a very expensive "experiment" but no amount of research can compare to actually putting each system to use for a substantial amount of time IMO. If I can't get good value out of the x pro I will likely keep it. It's is amazing and the available lenses are a bargain IMO. I thought it was chunky and heavy after using the Nex but wow, after handling a 5d with a zoom and picking it up it feels like a hollow toy in comparison. It's amazing what can come of of this (relatively) little camera

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