Ditching your DSLR?

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Re: Ditching your DSLR?

I sold all (nearly all) of my Nikon DSLR Bodies and about 10 lenses about a month ago.  As you say, it was all getting way too heavy, some of it not being used and just a bit out of date for the type of work I do these days.

I'm not doing paid event work anymore and am seeking lighter, more portable and a fresher view to my image making.

The only gear I did keep was a Fuji S3 body and the Nikkor 35mm prime.

I have the X-E1 on order together with the 18-55mm zoom as a kit. I have also brought the 35 f/1.4

Do I miss my old gear - not a bit.  Having sold it, I have a pile of notes, spent some of it and have now changed direction and getting into the X Series.

I'll be picture taking for fun now.

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- Simon, Sydney

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