X-E1 Initial impressions

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X-E1 Initial impressions

My X-E1 arrived yesterday from Hong Kong, along with the 35mm and 60mm.

I hope to get out and about using it this weekend, but first impressions are very good.

The build quality is fantastic - it feels even nicer than my X100 - a little denser, and the dials have a more positive feel i.e. I don't expect to be able to knock the exposure compensation dial by accident.

Feels much nicer in the hand than my Canon 40D.

The lenses come with metal hoods! This adds to the feel-good factor, as I found it annoying when paying a couple of thousand dollars for a Canon L lens, that I was then expected to pay out a crazy amount of money for a plastic hood. However, the design of the lens cap on the hood is poor - it will fall off with the slightest knock. Because of the shape of the end of the hood, I can't conveniently use the push on inner lens cap with it.

The evf is superb, and my worries over no OVF may be unnecessary. There is no pixelation, it is bright and contrasty. The only criticism I would make is that the refresh rate lags very slightly when panning fast. However, this is not a sports camera, so... I will be photographing some outdoor sculpture on Bondi beach on Sunday, so I will see what it is like in very bright sunlight.

Autofocus is absolutely fine for me, but I don't shoot sports. It is quick enough in decent light, but can hunt a little in poor light. It isn't as fast as my Canon L lenses, but it is highly accurate. I have an energetic 4 year old, and I would struggle to keep up with his antics, so I will get the 18-55 zoom for those situations, as the autofocus is supposed to be faster, as well as having OIS and zooming.

Anyone who moans about APS-C sensors not being able to achieve shallow DOF needs to look at the X-E1 + 35/1.4. Not only shallow DOF, but nicely rendered out of focus areas. I need to get more experience with it, but so far I am really, really impressed with what can be achieved.

I love the look that the whole combination of the lens, sensor and film emulations gives. I just want to go out and shoot with this thing all day.

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