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Leaving out an external mic. input on this, is a Huge omission, IMO. But Sony does have a stereo mic. that will connect with the hot shoe. The few reviews on the sony site are bad, however. Anyone have other experience, or is there any other option?

Hey Beckler,

as far as I know the only option is the Sony-ECM SST1. There are a few reviews of it on youtube but in general the SST1 has gotten a cold reception.

There is a different option however. Get a Zoom H1 recorder and a L-Bracket with an tripod to hotshoe adapter like the person in the video below has.

You will have to post sync the audio with the video but it should work ok and you do get good sound.

This video below is a comparison between the SST1 and the Zoom H1. It's the best I could find.

PS: I heard some people say that the SST1 does record sounds the camera makes when you operate it but the Zoom H1 doesn't since it records sound on it's own. Also the SST1 might drain the battery of the Nex a bit faster, but I can't say for sure since I don't own one.

I hope any of the information is useful to you.

Not sure how Ragnarok can state "as far as I know the only option is the Sony-ECM SST1. "

Looking up the link the NEX-6 is not listed as compatible with the SST1. I am also looking for an external mic. for my NEX-6 en route and have been defeated in finding a reasonably priced Sony solution. Certainly the SST1 does not look like a viable solution.

If you must have better sound you can either:

- Use the Zoom H1 and sync it with the video.

- Bite the bullet and get the Nex-7 if you want a microphone jack.

I didn't know that the Nex 6 isn't able to use the SST1, too bad.

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